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Product sales
According to customer needs, the company synchronously develops and customizes differentiated cast aluminum alloy products. The aluminum alloy liquid is directly supplied within Wuhan city, and the aluminum alloy ingots are supplied outside Wuhan city circle. The company's products are divided into three series: pure aluminum, semi pure aluminum, and recycled aluminum, with more than 50 common brands, which can be P modified, Sb modified, and Sr modified. The company has a stable technical research and development team, advanced production, detection, analysis and test equipment, strict process flow, stable and uniform product composition, high purity and strong casting performance.
Product introduction
1. Pure aluminum alloy products
AS7G03, AS7G09, A356.2, AlSi7MgCu, SF36, AlSi10MgMn, AC2B, ZL111, AlSi7Mg0.5, 360Y. 6, 356, A360, A03560, AlSi9Mg, AC4CH, ZL101A, ZL104, etc.
2. Semi pure aluminum alloy products
3. Recycled aluminum alloy products
AlSi9Cu3, ADC12, A380, ZL102, ADC10, 319, etc.
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